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1. Always carry your mattress on its side. Handles (where fitted) are only for positioning the mattress and not for lifting or carrying. 2. Don't allow anyone to jump on your mattress, abuse is not covered by this guarantee. 3. Dispose of plastic bags immediately. 4. Don't fold your mattress under any circumstances. It will damage the edge support wire. Gently flex the mattress when going through doorways. 5. Spin the head-end mattress. In order for the material to work properly. 6. Keep your mattress dry. You should protect it from water and other fluids. 7. Dry cleaning chemicals can damage some of the construction materials. 8. Keep mattress away from flammable and combustible materials. -REST PERFECT Mattress 6' 10" - Spring with Fabric Upholstered Double Offset Zoning Spring -REST PERFECT Mattress 6' 10" - White

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